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NUQO CEO honoured by Province

Medal of Good Citizenship awarded by Province of BC

The NUQO team is proud to announce that our CEO,

Rory Richards, has been awarded the

Medal of Good Citizenship

by the Province of BC

This award recognizes the outstanding contributions to the wellbeing of their communities made by the medal recipient.



“We are proud to honour these British Columbians who have demonstrated themselves to be extraordinary individuals,” said Premier John Horgan. “Each one of them has been singled out by their peers for their tremendous generosity, kindness and selfless acts of service during one of the most challenging times in our province and around the world.” "Rory is incomparably generous with her time, an unsung hero whose selflessness, positive attitude and unwavering commitment to modelling conscious care for people and our environment are done in her “spare time”. She is a proud Jewish and Indigenous woman who is decolonizing business as usual, and living her vision of a world where our actions reflect the truth that we are all interconnected, and our survival relies on doing the right thing for each other and our planet more often." In addition to the many humanitarian contributions she was nominated for, including starting the 7 PM cheer here in BC, Rory continues to remind us of the power and importance of values-based leadership. Congrats, Rory! TEAM NUQOWatch Liv



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