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NUQO's modular housing and mixed-use developments embody our commitment to sustainable, culturally respectful, and community-centric design, creating equitable and thriving futures for residents.

Estítkw Place 

North Vancouver, B.C. 


Client: Sḵwxwú7mesh (Squamish) Nation 

Completed: 2023 

Size: 28,982 sq.ft. 


Suites: 55 (3 one-bedroom, 52 studio)

Funding: CMHC (operational funding by BC Housing)  


Estítkw Place stands as a pillar of support in North Vancouver, offering safe and secure housing to members of the Sḵwxwú7mesh (Squamish) Nation. This 55-unit, nearly 30,000 sq.ft. development provides a supportive community where every resident is valued and empowered. 


Managed by operator Hiy̓ám̓ Housing, Estítkw Place prioritizes accessible living and holistic support. Residents receive meals and 24/7 staff assistance, all within an environment that honours cultural safety and decolonized care. 

Eskekexwi7ch tkl'a Sp'akw'us Place 

Squamish, B.C. 


Client: Sḵwxwú7mesh (Squamish) Nation 

Completed: 2024 

Size: 25,413 sq.ft. 

Levels: 5 

Suites: 27 (8 two-bedroom, 4 one-bedroom, 15 studio, including accessible options)

Funding: CMHC (operational funding by BC Housing)  

Esḵéḵxwi7ch tl’a Sp’áḵw’us Place, translating to the gathering place of eagles, serves as a secure and nurturing environment for Squamish Nation women and their children. The building provides 27 affordable homes, fostering a community where residents feel valued and supported. 


Managed by Hiy̓ám̓ Housing, the development emphasizes long-term safety and comfort, with 29% of the apartments designed to be accessible and 71% fully adaptable. The project has also provided employment, training opportunities, and support for Squamish Nation employees, suppliers, and businesses. 

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